Medical Billing Software Features

Appointment scheduling

For a patient it is very important to have precisely scheduled appointment. This feature allows you easy way of defining date and time of the visit, all possible services required. It is also used for creating new patient record in a case of the first patient’s visit. Different states of examination are presented in different colors: scheduled appointment, patient check-in, examination in progress, finished examination and check-out.


Reminder option is useful for leaving notices to your employees, specific person or general information to all staff. Of course, you can use it as reminder note or notes for important meetings, for ordering supplies, etc.

Electronic Medical Records

Also known as Electronic Patient Records this option helps storing all your patient data (name, address, phone…), examinations already done (reports, pictures…). This is of course in electronic form which can be further easily searched, edited or managed. It creates efficient work, therefore you do not see papers in mess at your working place. Your search of data could be performed based on various criteria including any patient data (like name, even part of the name), doctor`s name, date, etc. You can arrange all data in archives at selected daytime, and even email to predefined Email address as additional measure of preventing the loss of data.

Reporting and Statistics

In order to better meet your demands various reports are here provided by Antamedia Medical software. Examination reports can be configured to match desired layout of your institution. Expenses and generated income are showed by financial reports.

Medical Services

Each institution can define its own services with name, category, price, tax, expense, required time. Medical services can be printed in a sorted category list after every updating of prices.


Service price in two currencies are showed here and it is easily done by Antamedia Medical Billing Software. Price in USD and EUR at the same time could be displayed.


Medical billing software can be translated into any world language by using integrated language translator. It also offers medical terms customization depending on the country where it is used.

Windows Compatible

Medical software runs on, so called, friendly and familiar Windows environment including latest Windows Vista. It is easy learning and using and it also allows quick accessing to every feature for experienced and also new users. This software does not require any proprietary hardware, therefore you can use any standard PC.

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